20多年工作经验政府资深HR manager告诉你正确的职场沟通方法!


【讲座内容】Having effective communication skills is imperative for your success. Positive communication will certainly increase the opportunities you find in your career. Having good communication skills will enable you to get ahead.  Today's job market is changing at a rapid pace.  Being good at your job is not enough.  You must also be able to communicate effectively with your clients, co-workers and managers in order to get the recognition you deserve.  Most people in technical fields are naturally introverted so communicating is not their priority.  In order to be successful in today's job market, you must make it a priority.  Managers know that good communication is essential to building a cohesive and effective team. Good managers will consult a lot with their teams, using them as a resource for information and suggestions. Being a good communicator means winning the trust of those around you.  Good communication skills will enable you to work more closely with your team members and will help you work towards your professional goals.  As a good communicator, you will know the difference between being assertive and aggressive. You will be able to keep a professional and impersonal tone in the face of provocation and this will help you deal with conflict situations. You need to be able to clearly explain any concerns you have and negotiate issues with a minimum of friction. Your manager also needs to feel confident that he or she can raise issues with you and that you will be responsive to them. Basically, your skills as a communicator are felt in nearly all of your business dealings. If you communicate well, you maximize efficiency and you will be recognized not only for your technical expertise but also for your effectiveness as a team player and as a leader.
【主讲人】Nita Azuaga Nita has 20 years experience working at both the Federal and Provincial levels of government. A dynamic and highly engaging educator and presenter with the ability to motivate and inspire others through superior communication and visioning skills. She has been conferred a Bachelor of Arts, Honours degree from Trent University and a  Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto.  She is also fluent in English, French and Spanish.


【成功学员】DavidDavid 2001年来到加拿大,2002年找到了一份专业工作,因为语言的问题在工作上吃了不少亏。在专业工作上,David经常因为沟通的问题,无法充分恰当的表达自己的想法以及诉求,这一度使他非常苦恼。一次偶然的机会David参加了职场沟通技巧培训,在参加培训期间,恰好赶上了David公司年终总结,David所在公司是一家小公司,老板并不愿意加薪,对此闭口不谈。David一年来工作认真负责,自认为付出很多,他认为自己应该借这个机会提及加薪问题。但是又怕谈不好,对自己今后工作产生不好的影响。于是David找到了老师帮忙。老师告诉David先写一份performance report,然后拿给她看。收到David的邮件后,老师几小时后就做出了回复,并对Davidreport作了全面的修改。第二次上课的时候老师告诉David该如何与老板谈加薪问题。一周以后David带着他的performance report敲开了老板办公室的大门。老板惊讶的说于David 漂亮的reportDavid笑言自己有在政府做HR的朋友。最后在这次愉快的谈话中,David成功得到了加薪。


Good afternoon Nita,
How are you? Hope all is fine. How is your new school year? How is your communication class going? I hope more students can realize how your class can help them in their professional/career development, It has been for a while since your last class and I want to let you know how I continue gaining from your class:
1). I got 8% salary raise from my annual review recently; my manager was very satisfied with my performance. She mentioned one main reason is that I demonstrated great supervisory skills when dealing with a difficult staff. Wow, that was what I learned from your class/ by your suggestion. Without your class, I may not be able to deal with this difficult staff effectively.
2). I was in several job interviews since August. Even I haven't gotten any job yet, I got very good feedback about my interview performance from three of the interviewers. I was surprised that I could answer some of the unprepared questions very well. Then I realized that your class covered broad information and situations of work environment. And I am able to use what I learned from your class to explain the situations when I was in each interview.  (my last interview was on last Friday, hope I will receive good news from them next week)
I am so happy that your class taught me so much and I really appreciate your help from bottom of my heart.
Enjoy the rest of Thanksgiving holiday!


"Nita, You change my life!"

西人名师带来经典课程——“职场英语沟通技巧和策略(Speaking & Writing)”
Speaking & Writing Strategies for technical professionals


【课程介绍】我们华人特别是技术人员往往着眼于自身技术的提高,忽略了与同事的沟通交流,但多数在职场中得不到应有的提升,内心的委屈无从诉说,也无法诉说,这时方才体会到旁人常说的职场长存勾心斗角,职场有时比战场还要惨烈的道理,但这就是职场的可怕,我们无法怨恨他人的把戏,只能后悔自己没有多学好职场的生存法则。其实职场最重要的一条生存法则就是——良好的沟通技巧。卡耐基曾说过:一个人的成功,15%靠他的专业知识,85%则靠他的与人沟通能力。置身于职场复杂人际环境中,与自我、与上司、与同事、与下属关系,以及它们交织在一起的各种交叉关系,如何处好这些方面的关系,不仅关系到您的安身立命,还关乎您的事业成败。想要提高职场生存的个人综合素质,想要在职场上充分实现自我价值,就要拥有别人更多的处世智慧与为人艺术。职场沟通做好,才有可能增强个人能力,在工作中获得更多资源和更大支持。不妨改变您进行某些交谈的方式,而不仅仅只是将遣词用字重新排列组合。您如何交谈是攸关生活品质的一个极重要因素。当您更注重交谈品质时,您也会考虑得更周全、也更受到尊重地与他人互动。职场缺乏沟通技巧的有可能后果是:在解决牵扯多人的复杂问题上工作效率不高,对工作容易失去兴趣,工作得不到应有的认可,同事工作关系不融洽平添一些没有必要的烦恼另一方面,专业技术人员多有比较好的英文基础.同时与技术人员相关英文沟通相对集中在几个方面:如问题讨论,项目进展等。所以通过有效的努力,技术人员完全有可能在较短时间内提高英文沟通,填补这方面的不足。Are you a non-native English speaker working in Canada? If so, then this course is for you. When you are in a meeting or writing business correspondence you can be at a disadvantage because you are speaking and writing in a foreign language. Learn the subtleties and nuances of communicating effectively in a business environment.
This course will:
help you to improve your speaking and writing skills
give you the confidence you need to be successful in your career
help improve the perception your superiors and clients have of your abilities
【授课老师】Nita Azuaga



【授课老师】Jerry Dai潜能英语的发明人;加拿大十大杰出华人青年之一;安省政府十年杰出义工奖得主;中国人民大学汉青经济与金融高级研究院英语口语兼职教授;多伦多知名中英双语电视节目主持人;中央电视台,黑龙江电视台,中国国际广播电台英语学习栏目特邀嘉宾;中国工商银行总行英语内训讲师;外研社为其量身定做出版北美文化之旅系列音像制品丛书。其发明的潜能英语学习法获得加拿大政府专项拨款及大力推广,近几年来帮助上万华人突破英语学习的障碍,绝对不同于传统的英语教学方式,全面提高英语听说能力,立竿见影。
他,30岁,在中国崭露头角,潜能英语成为中国金融界首选内培英语方法;外研社为其量身订做北美文化系列教材。中国国际广播电台“ China Drive 轻松杂志  ”节目特邀嘉宾。中国人民大学汉青经济与金融高级研究院英语口语兼职教授。

(Eric Public Speaking and Small Talk Workshop)


Presentation Skills & Small Talk一类的训练是帮助我们摆脱职场内外交流困境的最好方法,这种训练,可以帮助你学会各种经典的职场交流技巧和轻松的交流主题,如电影、球类、交通、服装,化妆,新闻等等,只要你经过练习,一定会有成效。一旦你可以就一些话题和别人找到契合点,你在职场交流中就不再怯场,自信油然而生,由此赢得了老板同事的好感,自己不再有边缘人的感觉,良好的人际互动将使自己的工作顺风顺水,好事不期而至。华人该如何快速提高Presentation技巧?经验丰富的Eric Liu老师,告诉您他的经验之谈,以及在北美得体交流的技巧,让您在西人同事及上司面前自信地展现流利的英语。
1Leapfrogging your career using speaking skill as a leverage
Becoming an interesting person through effective speaking
Increasing level of confidence in social setting - a role model for your children to look up to
【授课老师】Eric LiuScotiabank Risk Department DirectorCIBC Toastmaster 演讲大赛两次一等奖得主,曾被学员亲切称为平民英语大师Eric2001年登陆加拿大,和其他新移民不同的是别人花34年拿学历,而他用4年的时间练习“Presentation Skill”,而结果就是他投了5份简历而且获得了5个面试机会,最终5个大公司都给了他Offer。很多人都对他成功就业感到不解,而他的秘诀就是深知"HOW TO TALK"! 拥有东方传统冷静激情的Eric,极具个人魅力。




322(周六)Free Seminar安排早知道】
1:00pm免费讲座:如何成功找到四大事务所(Big Four)内的工作?


许多求职者都应该熟悉国际四大事务所,包括是普华永道(PWC)、毕马威(KPMG)、德勤(DTT, Deloitte)和安永(Ernst & Young) 。事务所的工作由于工资高,稳定,成为众多华人求职者争抢的香饽饽。但由于竞争激烈,包括很多华人对四大运作的不熟悉导致与四大的工作失之交臂。本讲座特别适合具有数据分析,IT,金融和会计背景,想在四大求职的朋友。机会难得,不容错过!
Introduction to Big 4 and Career Perspectives
Service Lines in Big 4
Where to find job postings from Big 4
Approaches to ace in Big 4 interviews
【主讲人】Michelle MengCPA,现任全球最大的多元汽车配件集团Magna  International 的高级税务经理。她在该集团的国际税务部主要负责该公司北美业务的税务策划。在此之前,Michelle就职于国际四大之一的德勤会计师事务所共有六年的时间,分别在其北京office (两年)和多伦多office(四年)从事US GAAP的审计,会计咨询和美国公司税的咨询工作。 Michelle 毕业于中国南开大学的国际会计专业。后收到美国前50 的名校之一Syracuse University授予的全额奖学金,赴美深造,取得该校会计学硕士学位,后又取得美国旧金山金门大学的税务学硕士学位。 Michelle曾以top 5%的优异成绩全科通过美国(CPA)的注册会计师考试。她将与大家分享如何凭借美国CPA在加拿大求职和在职业发展中逐步高升的要素和秘诀

维多利亚培训中心(Victoria Training Center (Toronto))
地址:200 Consumers RoadSuite 118M2J 4R4  (位于ConsumersSheppard东南角第三座楼,近地铁站,免费停车)

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