Introduction to Electrician Hands-on TraininigConstruction&Industrial

1. Tools, material, drawing, and procedure(4 hours)
2. Residential install:(8 hours)
Piping, meter, panel, circuit breaker, lighting, receptacles, dryer, electrical range, GFCI, AFCI, Grounding, labelling(8 hours)
3. Commercial and industrial install:(8 hours)
Transformer, disconnect switch, transfer switch, Panel, meter, CT&PT, grounding bar, equipment, labelling
4. EMT and PVC piping(8 hours)
Measuring, cutting, making holes for metal/PVC box, sealing
5. Wiring method and photo presentation (4 hours)
6. WHMIS, Electrical Safety, and fall protection(4 hours)
7. Telephone, Cable, and Security (4 hours)
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