Blockchain Ethereum Developer


1.1      Audience profile

The candidates targeted by this training are proficient with the development tools, techniques, and approaches in general and interested in gaining BlockChain, Ethereum, Public Chain, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency concepts and building highly available solutions in the Public BlockChain , Smart Contract, Solidity, ERC20 token, Crowdfunding, DigitalAsset.


1.2      Module 1 Overview of the Blockchain

Blockchain Enables trust in trust-less environments of services that you can use as Smart Contract  executed on a blockchain. After this module you will be able to describe common Public BlockChain, Consortium BlockChain, private BlockChain or Permissioned Blockchains, ICO crowdfunding, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cryptocurrency, smart contract, business applications models on blockchains, Proof of Work, Proof of Stack, Proof of Authority, Bitcoin block, Merkle Tree, Bitcoin history, Ethereum EVM , Solidity , Mining (CPU,GPU,ASIC,Pool,nouce, extra data), The DAO, Fork, Consensus, Gas fee, IBM HyperLedger, R3 Corda.


1.3      Module 2 Building Custom Blockchain

Geth implemtation custom blockchain.

·         initialize genesis block

·         mining

·         admin.peer, add peer

·         account public key

·         coinbase

·         unlockAccount

·         Send Transactions

·         Load JavaScript

1.4      Module 3 Build Smart Contract on the Custom Blockchain

This module provides an overview of build smart contract on geth console.

·         Solc - solidity compiler (inconvenient!)

·         Solcjs

·         ABI  Definition

·         Bytecode

·         Truffle Framework

·         TestRPC

1.5      Module 4 Build Smart Contract on the Remix IDE

Smart Contract Development Solidity(Serpent)

·         MetaMask - Web Browser plugin

·         Remix IDE - web-based IDE with built-in compiler (sweet!)



·         Data Type

·         Contract Call

·         Control Structures

·         Cost of Gas in Solidity

·         Global variables

·         User-defined data structures

·         Contract Inheritance

·         Events

1.6      Module 5 Projects choose

Student need to choose 1 out of 3 projects and work as team to finish 1 week after the class.


·         Create new Block Chain and prompt on chrome extension

·         Create Wonder Coin in smart contract with DAPP

·         Create ICO crowd funding smart contract with DAPP


After Student finish Course and 1 out of 3 choice of projects, will each receive 100 Ropsten net Ether, 10,000 Wonder Coin, 1,000,000 Block Chain testnet ether coins.

Top Developer will get 1000 Ropsten net Ether, 100,000 Wonder Coin, 10,000,000 Block Chain testnet ether coins.

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