Senior Quality Assurance Analyst -- Job opportunity

Senior Quality Assurance Analyst

We are seeking an experienced Q.A. Analyst to join our IT team who is passionate about quality and improving quality in the development process. You will be responsible for taking a lead role in planning and creating the test requirements for each development cycle. This includes test case and script development, improving existing procedures, and regression automation using Froglogic Squish.


To apply for this position please send a WORD ATTACHMENT resume, along with the following questions and answers in the email. Please note that submissions will only be considered if answers are provided.

  • If you had to staff a QA group, what is the #1 quality/skill you would look for? #2?
  • If you had to introduce QA into a software organization that had no quality assurance practice, identify your first three steps.
  • Why is there a distinction between Test Case and Test Script?
  • Provide your opinion on automated testing tools as they relate to different technologies.
  • What quality/skill do you bring to the QA role that sets you apart from others?
  • Identify something about you and/or your approach that contributes to the success you have in executing your QA duties that is atypical for a Senior Quality Assurance Analyst.
  • What strategies do you employ to help you achieve excellence while maintaining a productive pace?


For more information, please click:
Please indicate the couse you have taken from Victoria Trianing center when you apply the job.
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